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Wednesday, June 27
Things worked out!
Life update
Things are going well!
I'll be in a new team at Youtube, YouTube Gaming, starting next week. So stoked about this team, the work they do, and the people in it!!

The support I received from my coworkers and friends helped me make the leap.  I'm so grateful and have their sweet messages saved to look at again to stop me from beating myself up. I don't want to leave these amazing people!!

A summary what I did in the last 16 months at YouTube limited to what I'm allowed to disclose

Next month is going to be a busy month.

Cat doing well.

More artist alley prep!

Yeastken my obsession

I love this pom at work

This sweet girl drew me yeastken fanart 

Obsessed with this cheese pineapple banana summer drink

I haven't taken a lot of selfies because I have no life and age is starting to show on me. This is my latest 

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