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Saturday, September 1
webcomic! crunchyroll expo! travel! lasik!
My comic is live~!! 
I launched it yesterday, starting with 3 episodes.
Look! I even coded a semifunctional RESPONSIVE website :D


I also made Most Viral on Imgur with my Pornhub comic:

Reading all the comments on Webtoon, Reddit, Imgur and Twitter, and having my friends support and share the comic, has made me very happy 

Even my director has read it! He mentioned the dragon dildo in the comic...

RIP my social life. Now I manage a total of 20+ social media accounts, have a full time job, a side business and webcomic. I'LL FIGURE IT OUT!! noplssendhalp 

Upcoming events

I will be at Crunchyroll Expo Artist Alley 228 with a giant poster of the comic! 😊 (under my artist handle @heymushimoo
Thank you @crunchyrollexpo for giving me the final push to publish it! #CrunchyrollExpoGO #CrunchyrollExpo pic.twitter.com/y4NjFeLq8U

— Just Technology Things (@justtechcomic) August 31, 2018

Even though I'm stressed out 24/7 I am really lucky to experience this. I have been thinking a lot of thoughts about where I am today. I'll write more about this soon because I think a lot about where I was 5 years ago - a lost downtrodden Computer Science student - and now I think I'm in a great place and I should appreciate all of it. Beneath that layer of anxiety I feel grateful and humbled.

I went for a Lasik evaluation and was rejected as a candidate :(
Because I have irregular eyeballs, thin corneas and high prescription.



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