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Monday, February 19
i want a new blog layout
last blog standing
10 years ago, blogs were all the rage. Everybody had one...

Now people (including me) have switched to social media. I'm the only person I know who still has a TAGBOARD. I don't know if old readers are checking this page anymore, and my lack of posts don't really help with that

I still like blogs. You bother to physically come to this page and read my long rants. I like taking control of the layouts, formats and the way I tell my stories. It's the one place I feel like I'm talking to people who care about me. 🌷

I have so many things to write about. Lots of positive things, too. But I only think about posting here when I have something to complain about. It's probably because this blog used to be my safe space for my kind-of-private thoughts - usually negative thoughts. I'm working to put in more positive things.

I'm sure I have much fewer readers than before, but seeing posts on my tagboard makes me ultra happy. Thank you!

new blog layout
I'm not giving up yet. I'm planning a new blog layout! Yeah yeah I've been talking about it, but it's high on my priority list now okay! Which could be why I don't feel like posting as much. Seeing this blog layout I designed 10 years ago makes me!!

My goal is...
People who care about me can be updated about my life with minimal effort

So, what do you think of these improvements?

If there is anything else you think I can improve on, let me know!!

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