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Monday, January 6
Happy 2020!
HAPPY 2020. It's been a long time since I last posted. 

Cat in 2019

Musho in 2019 (don't even take proper selfies anm)

Keeping this blog, but...
I don't think I'll be blogging regularly but I still want to keep this space for major updates. I just can't give things up!! I know I've been saying this forever, but I need to change this blog layout soon to reflect the more active parts, like my social media. 

Teenage musho didn't have lots of real life friends, so she blogged about school, pimples and family. She didn't give a fuck about my school reading any of it. 
Now, I have a job to keep, and I got rid of my toxic friends and acne. My remaining problems mainly go to my therapists and friends.

I can't expect anyone to check this space anymore, but please subscribe under the "mailing list" section of the blog to get updates 1-2x a year!!

2019 recap
In general, I feel that 2019 was very accomplishments heavy, and I didn't get to take a lot of breaks, other than 2 long months in Singapore, which I loved!

1) Did 10 anime conventions, most notably AX, Twitchcon and AFA! AX is always my favorite because I get to hang out with my best friends in LA. Twitchcon inspired me to consider streaming art (but didn't actually give me the discipline to start hah). AFA was exhausting, but we were really grateful to be accepted after 3 years of rejections.

We got really addicted to MILKSHA

2) Grew my art shop and passed 1000 sales!

3) Got promoted at work. DID NOT gET FIRED. Won best desk and best memes at UX all hands.

Hans is a doggo at my office!

Singapore UXers at Google.

4) Traveled to Seattle, Zurich, Tokyo, Los Angeles, San Diego, New York, Brazil, Taiwan.  My bf LOVED japan so we'll be sure to keep going back! We've given up on Europe, lol.

I LOVED NEW YORK! Subways, musicals, THE CITY!!

And from our recent Taiwan trip:

I also got to spend 2 months working in Singapore! That's 17% of the year. I'm grateful to my team and managers for letting me work remotely!!

Changi Jewel

Chendol from Chinatown, where we want our future home to be.

5) Watched my first musical, Wicked. Really loved my second musical, Hamilton.

6) Made my first sweater and enamel pins.

7) Got perfect eyesight after getting implantable collamer lenses cuz my corneas were too thin for Lasik YESSSS

8) Regularly practiced self care: Therapy kept me grounded and massages helped me survive every week.

My fav massage place in SG which I go to with my doujin mates after an anime con LOL

9) Put myself out there in the design community: Gave a UX talk to Singaporeans and conducted an art class at YouTube.

10) Started, and stopped, my tech comic ;_; I even had posters for it but couldn't handle a full time job + conventions + maintaining the comic.

2020 goals
I want 2020 to be less about accomplishments. I still can't let go of my ambitions: Being promoted as fast as possible to design director so I can return to Singapore, and growing my art business. But I was so fixated on those goals that sometimes I forgot about what I feel most happy doing: Creating things to bring joy to the community around me.

I'm still going to be working hard on my projects, creating new merch and planning new talks, but here are simpler goals for 2020:

1) Be chill. 
Accept things, and find courage to move on to better things. 

2) Be kind
I'm surrounded by people who genuinely want to make others' lives better and would drop anything to help someone. I don't know how they do it but I want my motivations to be less self centered and be more like theirs.

3) Enjoy the things I love
Play games. Draw things I enjoy. Take more lush baths.

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