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Saturday, September 1
webcomic! crunchyroll expo! travel! lasik!
My comic is live~!! 
I launched it yesterday, starting with 3 episodes.
Look! I even coded a semifunctional RESPONSIVE website :D


I also made Most Viral on Imgur with my Pornhub comic:

Reading all the comments on Webtoon, Reddit, Imgur and Twitter, and having my friends support and share the comic, has made me very happy 

Even my director has read it! He mentioned the dragon dildo in the comic...

RIP my social life. Now I manage a total of 20+ social media accounts, have a full time job, a side business and webcomic. I'LL FIGURE IT OUT!! noplssendhalp 

Upcoming events

I will be at Crunchyroll Expo Artist Alley 228 with a giant poster of the comic! 😊 (under my artist handle @heymushimoo
Thank you @crunchyrollexpo for giving me the final push to publish it! #CrunchyrollExpoGO #CrunchyrollExpo pic.twitter.com/y4NjFeLq8U

— Just Technology Things (@justtechcomic) August 31, 2018

Even though I'm stressed out 24/7 I am really lucky to experience this. I have been thinking a lot of thoughts about where I am today. I'll write more about this soon because I think a lot about where I was 5 years ago - a lost downtrodden Computer Science student - and now I think I'm in a great place and I should appreciate all of it. Beneath that layer of anxiety I feel grateful and humbled.

I went for a Lasik evaluation and was rejected as a candidate :(
Because I have irregular eyeballs, thin corneas and high prescription.



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Monday, July 30
Just Technology Things - Webcomic Survey + FRANCE
Webcomic feedback!!
I'm back from France!! HI!

I'm not happy with the state of these comic drafts, but I'm forcing myself to release the survey that's been sitting in my storage for months now.

Please give me feedback on "Just Technology Things"! It's a very important project to me.


I have to make progress somehow, nothing is ever going to be perfect. All I can do is learn from the feedback and make my next few episodes better :)

France pics
Did 2 days in Paris, 4 days in South of France!
I was there for the lavender fields, which was amaaaaazing.
I visited Provence, Eze, Nice, Cannes, Antibes, Monaco, Lyon!
Bought lots of La Roche Posay sunscreens.

I'm really lucky to be able to travel to places! 

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Wednesday, June 27
Things worked out!
Life update
Things are going well!
I'll be in a new team at Youtube, YouTube Gaming, starting next week. So stoked about this team, the work they do, and the people in it!!

The support I received from my coworkers and friends helped me make the leap.  I'm so grateful and have their sweet messages saved to look at again to stop me from beating myself up. I don't want to leave these amazing people!!

A summary what I did in the last 16 months at YouTube limited to what I'm allowed to disclose

Next month is going to be a busy month.

Cat doing well.

More artist alley prep!

Yeastken my obsession

I love this pom at work

This sweet girl drew me yeastken fanart 

Obsessed with this cheese pineapple banana summer drink

I haven't taken a lot of selfies because I have no life and age is starting to show on me. This is my latest 

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Thursday, June 7
Life is hard
Things are tough right now. But I am meeting so many amazing humans on my journey. Humans I don't deserve. Humans that got me where I am. Humans I want to be like. So, I will be strong 💪

New art for wooden pins

I'm done with Anime Expo prep. Honestly, I'm not making a lot of new art until I find more inspiration..I'll focus on my webcomic again!!!

Saturday, June 2
I'm still learning to give myself breaks and allow myself to relax. I've been wondering why I'm in a rush to do things all the time. Why do I always have to feel like I'm accomplishing something to feel normal?

I'm 26. I got my dream job in Silicon Valley.
If I was 30 now, I'm still in a better place than I ever thought I'd be.

I always remind myself how privileged and lucky I am. At the same time I still feel "what have I been doing with my life?" I've always been motivated by pressure and competition. With it comes jealousy and inferiority. Seeing people my age being senior designers and leading teams, or artists succeeding on social media, makes me feel incompetent. And wishing I did more to reach their level.

So what if I eventually reach those goals? I would probably be upset that I wasn't President of Lichtenstein or something. My aspirations only matter to me and I'm not benefiting the world worrying about my own selfish goals. I'm slowly realizing no one really cares how accomplished you are than you yourself.

The best route for me is to stop trying to chase the success someone else has, and aim to do what makes me happy everyday. Then maybe someday I can start thinking about making others happy. 💪 

Sunday, May 27
Things I'm grateful for #1 - My Partner
I wrote about my therapist's advice to focus more on positive thoughts. Obviously easier said than done. Practicing gratefulness helps, so I wrote down about ~20 things I'm grateful for or am proud of. I'll have a drawing for each of them! I'll slowly post all of them here; though it might take years, I'm not going to get anywhere if I don't start :)


Things I'm grateful for
#1 - My Partner

Recently, my partner and I celebrated our 5 years anniversary!

I'm grateful to have a best friend who understands what I'm going through no matter what, and buys me daily milk tea. A best friend who is also my biggest fan, gaming/netflix partner, food adventurer, cat parent and cuddle buddy.

Future plans:

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